Metal - Ink, Epoxy & Lacquer

Audits & test have been performed strictly and continuously to comply with different standards for custom badges in different countries worldwide

Metal - Plating



Various plating finishes to choose for your custom badges, coins, medallions and more promotional items Specializes in manufacturing over 35 years

Automatic machines are equipped in JIAN to ensure high quality and more balanced finish for custom badges

Specializes in manufacturing over 35 yearsSpecializes in manufacturing over 35 years

Metal - Raw Material


We are manufacturer specialized in making various kinds of metal products like lapel pins, custom badges, police &military coins and medallions, key rings, dog tag & metal accessories and more.



Embroidery and Woven


We are China manufacturer to make various kinds of 3D embroidery &woven patches, labels, badges &epaulet. They fit for police/military/police/schools' uniforms.